Community Life

Maintaining Quality of Life

Moving into a Hickory Creek Healthcare community is like moving into a new home. Each of our homes provides a vibrant community life designed to enrich and engage our residents. Not only do our residents have the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities, we are very involved in giving back to our community. You might see us cooking lunch for local safety officials, honoring our Veterans or working with a local elementary school. The point is – you’ll see us. We are neighbors taking care of neighbors.

Here are a few of the activities you can find residents engaging in daily:

  • Card games and Bingo
  • TV
  • Community outings
  • Jewelry making
  • Cooking classes
  • Journaling
  • Art classes
  • Listening to music or being entertained by musical guests
  • Walks outside and exercise
  • Spiritual activities

Individually Respecting Each Resident


Federal and state regulations protect the rights of residents of long-term care facilities. At Hickory Creek Healthcare, we take those rights to heart. Our residents are part of our long-term care families and we believe each person deserves to be treated as an individual.


Our Residents Have the Right:


  • To a dignified existence and self-determination.
  • To self-administer drugs unless the practice is considered unsafe.
  • To be free from any physical restraints or psychoactive drugs used for convenience rather than to treat the resident’s medical symptoms.
  • To be free from verbal, sexual, physical or mental abuse, corporal punishment and involuntary seclusion.
  • To be fully informed about treatment, to refuse treatment and to refuse to participate in experimental research.
  • To personal privacy and confidentiality of personal and clinical records.
  • To exercise personal and legal rights and voice grievances without interference, discrimination or coercion.
  • To have access to Federal and State agency representatives, the resident’s individual physician and the State Ombudsman.
  • To bring in and use personal possessions, as space permits, and within reason when considering other residents.
  • To share a room with a consenting spouse when married residents live in the same nursing home.
  • To receive notice before the resident’s room or roommate is changed.
  • To reasonable accommodation of individual needs and preferences except where the health or safety of the resident or other residents would be endangered.


If you would like to see the complete Federal or State regulations, please request a copy from the Administrator or Social Services Coordinator at the home nearest you.

Our Guardian Angels


Compassionate supervision for each resident


At Hickory Creek Healthcare, each resident has an assigned Guardian Angel. Residents hear from their Guardian Angel at least once a week and the family hears from the Angel monthly. The goal of this program is to encourage relationships and improve the quality of care.

The Guardian Angel team also meets at least weekly to ensure participation and make note of progress and issues. Should the resident or the family indicate a concern, a Resident/Family Concern form will be completed immediately and forwarded to the Administrator for follow-up.

Our Safety Regulations


Prepared to keep our residents safe


We have been entrusted with the care of family and friends and we take their safety seriously. Each home has emergency plans and procedures for fire, severe weather, and power outages. Our Quality Assurance/Standards of Care Committee meets annually to review these policies and procedures. Each plan includes:


  • Evacuation plans and transportation to a safe location
  • Family notification
  • Emergency supplies
  • Safeguarding of residents’ personal items
  • Security of medical records and resident fund records
  • Staff training & drills


Each healthcare center has an emergency electrical power system that provides basic lighting; fire detection/extinguishing equipment; and life support systems if there is any interruption of normal electrical supply.


Guarding Each Individual


Strict measures are taken to avoid a situation where a resident with impaired safety judgment could go missing. Starting with admission, each resident is assessed quarterly for conditions that may increase the likelihood of trying to leave our center. Safeguards in place at each center include:


  • Alarm systems on at all times and only disabled while an exit is under visual supervision by a staff member.
  • In the case of a high risk resident, and after discussion with the family, the healthcare center may use a personal alarm.
  • A sign-out procedure for when a resident leaves the healthcare center and its grounds.

Addressing Concerns Promptly


Our staff is always focused on offering the best possible care to each resident. From time to time, concerns among residents or family members arise. When that happens, we take action promptly. Our Family Council and Resident Council are two ways that we solicit feedback that we use to improve our services.


Family Council


Each healthcare center has a Family Council consisting of family members who meet quarterly to discuss topics of concern and/or interest. The Social Services Director of the home publicly announces meeting times and dates, takes minutes, and arranges for presentations and speakers, as requested. If the Family Council chooses, it may meet without a staff member present and with a council member recording the minutes. If any Family Council raises concerns a form is completed and given to the Administrator for resolution.


Resident Council


A Resident Council is a group of interested residents who get together at any time in a private meeting area to discuss facility issues. The Resident Council may choose to invite staff members to participate and may request that the Activity Director take minutes. If the Resident Council raises concerns, they are forwarded to the Administrator who has the appropriate Department Manager handle them with written follow-up to the council at the next meeting.


Grievance Resolution


We ensure concerns are thoroughly investigated. If a resident or family member has any reason to be dissatisfied, we want to know immediately.

The fastest way to receive resolution is to use our Resident/Family Concern Form to notify the home’s administration.


  • Download the form, complete the top half with all contact information and return it by mail, fax or in person at the facility. Resident/Family Concern Form
  • Or visit the facility and ask for a Resident/Family Concern form at the nurse’s station or social services office.


Administrators are notified immediately when a Concern Form is filed. Each concern is thoroughly investigated and all follow-up will be documented on the form including advice on the resolution of the problem. The family and/or resident will hear back from administration within 48 hours.


Grievance Hotline

For questions or concerns, we encourage you to speak with the Administrator at the community. If your concern requires additional assistance, please contact our Compliance and Customer Care Hotline at 1-888-788-2502.


Fraud and Abuse Reporting


If anyone sees or knows of violations of Hickory Creek Healthcare Code of Conduct policies, a report should be made immediately to our compliance hotline at 1-888-788-2502.  

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