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A Culture of Warmth and Caring

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Here at Hickory Creek we have a culture of warmth and caring. Our staff feels like a family with each other and with the people for whom they care. It’s a special place for special people.

Employee Testimonials

I am proud to be part of the Hickory Creek team! My co-workers work as a team to provide quality resident-centered care. As an individual, I am encouraged to use my skill set and to grow personally and professionally. Through the company’s programs, I feel respected and valued as an employee. When my mother needed more care than we could provide at home, we chose Hickory Creek at Connersville where she, like all of our residents , was treated like family by everyone. I love knowing that every day I go to work, I have the opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life, who could ask for more?


Paula Shook, CDM-CFPP

I enjoy my job, I have worked here for 34 years, the staff and the residents and their families make it enjoyable to work here. I just love my residents.


Kay Melvin

Hickory Creek at Sunset is a wonderful place to call home. As a company and a nursing center we are committed to providing our residents continuous quality of care and services. I am proud to be a part of an organization in healthcare that leads by example from our President down through our front line staff. Our reputations in our communities are a true example of Neighbors Taking Care of Neighbors.


Jill Stott, Administrator

I have been an Administrator since 1994 and have been at Hickory Creek at Scottsburg for the past 10 years. I can honestly say that we are family at Hickory Creek at Scottsburg and throughout Hickory Creek Healthcare Foundation. I highly respect the Hickory Creek Healthcare management team. In addition to their titles I know them as Mentor, Advisor, Leader, Family and Friend. Hickory Creek Healthcare Foundation has never denied me anything I have requested to meet a resident’s need. I worked for other large companies in the first 12 years of my career, but Hickory Creek is the first company who puts so much into their residents, staff, families and nursing centers. I think our survey scores and 5 Star Rating show how much they support their homes. “Creek Cares”, what truth rings out with those words!


Wilma Satterly, Administrator

Good atmosphere to work in. Lots of teamwork where everyone pitches in to help. This facility is definitely a place where an employee can come and be accepted.


Kayla Shidler, CNA

I first came to Hickory Creek at Lebanon in 1975 and worked until 1983. I stayed at home raising my family, and returned to Hickory Creek at Lebanon in 1989. I am a CNA and a QMA. I love the Residents and they have become a part of my Family. I learn daily from the Residents. This is not just a job, it is the satisfaction of knowing someone’s life is being touched by me or another staff member, and our lives are blessed to have our lives touched by our Residents. Our Residents deserve the best we can give to them. Hickory Creek at Lebanon is a big part of my life and a part of my Family.


Brenda Wright, CNA / QMA

The Hickory Creek Organization is a pleasure to work for. I feel that I am treated fairly, I know my expectations and rarely are questioned about them. When senior management visits our building I am greeted and each person knows my name. I cannot see myself working anywhere else. I would recommend our organization to anyone!


Cheryl H., Activity Director

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